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About The Sure Fire Cube

Superior Fire Starting

If you're looking for quick, effective, chemical-free way to start your fire, with no other assistance than a match, the Sure Fire Cube is the solution for you.  We've all struggled with trying to keep a flame lit in troublesome conditions. Because of its design, our product will burn for approximately 10 to 12 minutes at a temperature that is 3 to 5 times hotter than an open burn. This means your hard  wood kindling can be the diameter of a pop can or even slightly damp and the Sure Fire Cube will ignite it.  

Ignites In Any Condition

Whether you're lighting a woodstove, fireplace, campfire or a back yard fire pit the Sure Fire Cube works, period. 

After removing the top chimney knock out and retrieving the enclosed matches, simply open the four side vents, place your kindling around the Sure Fire Cube (tee pee or crisscross fashion) and drop the fully lit match into the chimney opening. The Sure Fire Cube will do the rest.

Use The Sure Fire Cube To Start A Fire In Your:

Camp Fire
Back Yard Fire Pit 
Emergency Heat Source
Emergency Cooking Source