The Sure Fire Cube was designed to answer the need for an easy to use, chemical free method of starting a fire, on the first time, every time. Our competitors use  a variety of additives to keep their product burning, (wax, gels, animal fat, kerosene) not the Sure Fire Cube. Our product is additive free, yet burns with a hot intense flame. The Sure Fire Cube produces a flame that is three  to five times hotter than an open burn, all without the aid of accelerants.

How It Works

The Sure Fire Cube uses the principle  of vortex dynamics to increase the effectiveness of the burn and to  concentrate the energy produced by the Sure Fire Cube into a single nine  inch flame. By removing the top chimney knockout and opening the four  side vents you allow cool fresh air to be drawn into the Sure Fire  Cube, much like the air vent on a wood stove, and there by creating the  circular flow of air required for the vortex principle to take effect.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I still need to have kindling ?

No!  That's the beauty of the Sure Fire Cube it allows you to use your own quartered hardwood as your "kindling" and because of its design the Sure Fire Cube burns at temperatures which are three to five hotter than an open paper burn .


Is it light enough to take camping or backpacking?

You bet. A single cube weighs less than 0.1 pounds, and is only 3 cubic inches. All level of outdoor enthusiast will find a need for the Sure Fire Cube, from the lighting of a simple camp fire to an emergency heat or cooking source. Fires will light in the rain or on the snow!


Is the Sure Fire Cube easy to use ?

Great question! The Sure Fire Cube is extremely easy to use. Remove the top "chimney" and retrieve the enclosed matches. Using one of the matches, pry open the four vents on the sides of the Sure Fire Cube, now place your wood around the Cube and drop a fully lit match into the "chimney" ... you're done. No more paper, kindling, stoking, then adding your hardwood. If you heat your home with wood, this one product will save you HOURS each week in the winter.